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We carry a variety of products for your waterproofing needs. Not all products might be listed. Give us a call for pricing and availability.

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Poly Waterstop

Poly Waterstop is a one component, polymer modified, cement coating designed to waterproof/damp proof concrete and masonry. It may be used above or below grade. Consists of polymer, cement, fine sand and other propriety chemicals. The waterproof additives are cross linked with the polymer providing long-term performance. Produces premium-waterproofing properties combined with the durability of a cement-sand coating. Click the button below for more info.


Thoroseal (MasterSeal)

 MasterSeal 581 (formerly Thoroseal waterproofing) is concrete and masonry and resists both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure. Its a cement based waterproofing for Interior and Exterior, above and below grade, with a high quality finish suitable for architectural coatings. NSF 61 potable water certified. Applied in two coats. Mix with Acryl 60 to achieve properties listed in Data Sheet. For Additional Information Click Button Below. 


Aqua Proof

AQUA PROOF is an elastomeric waterproofing material in a ready-to-use gallon can. This material is designed to waterproof new or existing concrete (or block) fountains, ponds, reflection pools, fish ponds, etc. For additional information and color options click the button below.



MULASTICOAT is a unique latex waterbased coating which forms an elastomeric waterproofing membrane with excellent bonding characteristics to most building materials.

MULASTICOAT has a wide variety of waterproofing applications, including roof repairs, tank lining, water moats, reflection pools, shower pans, between slab membranes, etc.



MEL-ROL waterproofing system provides a cost-effective answer to properly waterproof foundations, vertical walls, and below-grade floors in residential and commercial construction. It is equally effective for use as between-the-slab waterproofing on plaza decks, parking decks, and structural slabs.

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