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Weed Barrier, Filter Fabric, Bender Board, Stakes, Pipe & Fittings, etc. Not all items are listed. Give us a call for pricing and availability.

Landscaping: Client

Bender Board & Plastic Stakes

We carry:

  • 1in x 4in x 20ft Brown Plastic Bender Board.

  • 1in x 2in x 12in Brown Plastic Stakes

  • 1in x 4in x 10ft Redwood Bender Board

  • 1in x 3.5in x 12ft Green Bender Board


Weed Barrier

We carry:

  • Weed Barrier 8yr 6'x 300' Rolls

  • Additional Weed Barriers can be ordered.

Pipe & Fittings

We carry:

  • 3" & 4" Pipe

  • 4" Perf. Pipe

  • 3" & 4" Fittings

  • Filter Fabric is sold by the foot.

  • Drain Sleeve

  • Additional Items can be ordered.

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Landscaping: Service

Scalloped Edging & Tree Rings

We carry:

  • 24" Scalloped Edging  

  • 18" Tree Rings

  • 24" Tree Rings

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