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Our bulk products are sold by the scoop. We are more than happy to provided estimates for your home improvement project, have your square footage and depth ready when you give us a call! (One scoop = 1/2 yard)

Bulk Products: Client

1/2" Mix

Our 1/2" Mix is perfect for your concrete mix.


Decomposed Granite

Our decomposed granite is perfect for pathways, ground cover, garden trails.


Washed Plaster Sand

Our washed plaster sand can be used as a base for pavers, mix for mortar or stucco, and can also be used in children's sandboxes.


3/4" Crushed Gravel

Our 3/4" crushed gravel can be used for ground cover, driveways, pathways, and backfill for retaining walls.


3/4" California Gold

Our 3/4" california gold can be used for pathways, ground cover, accents around garden beds, around stepping stones or flagstone. Adds elegance to your landscape project.


3/8" Pea Gravel

Our 3/8" pea gravel can be used for pathways, ground cover, around stepping stones, accents around garden beds, and aids in drainage.


Type II Recycled Base

Our type II recycled base is perfect for select fill to improve sub-grade and also raise site levels. It compacts easy so it works great as a base layer for pavers, stepping stones, flagstone, new driveways, walkways, or patios .

Bulk Products: Service
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